• 1 the selection

    la selezioneThe oil mill D'Onghia after careful and meticulous collection, select the best quality olives from Murge Baresi. Leaves and are then stored in special bins aired and pressed within 24 hours of collection.

  • 2 the milling

    la molituraThe milling is done by the Millstone, a traditional machine consists of a truncated cone-shaped container and a base formed by three granite wheels, this allows to obtain a paste which is then inserted into the appropriate gramule, who with their rotary motion and a temperature not exceeding 27 ° C enables to break the oil-water emulsion.

  • 3 gramule

    gramuleGramule is applied to a dispenser that can dispense the paste gramulata on special diaphragms and circular nylon filters, which are stacked by a robot on carts in the center containing a perforated steel column called "foratina" to obtain a tower.

  • 4 le presse

    le presseLater this tower is placed in so-called Presse, formed by hydraulic pistons that with a slow pressing causes the pulp to extract a liquid composed of oil and water in the olives. These presses start at a pressure of up to 0 atm to 420 atm

  • 5 the separetor

    il separatoreFinally, this liquid is moved slowly in the so-called Separator with a centrifuge that separates oil from water also called "vegetable water".


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